J Indu

IIT Bombay

J Indu’s research area revolves around extracting and examining these “thousand words” using the techniques of Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing. In particular, the Satellite data captured in the Microwave region of the Electromagnetic Spectrum intrigues her owing to its immense potential to study precipitation microphysics, Data assimilation, Satellite Meteorology. She obtained her Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Science (2015).

J Indu

Symposium on “Green Energy”

Floods from the vantage point of Radars

The unifying theme of this talk is precipitation, a key parameter designated as an Essential Climate Variable and a primary time-varying driver in floods. The state-of-the-art solutions for precipitation forecasts are based on numerical weather prediction models. Forecasters often rely on hydrologic tools forced by radar-based rainfall rates to estimate the severity and magnitude of flash flooding. Radar images and altimetry data are used routinely in flood mapping and inundation studies. But as our ability to ingest radar data increased apace with data availability? This talk shall brief ongoing efforts to make the most out of radar data for understanding extreme events (like floods).

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