Rajiv Sinha

IIT Kanpur

Rajiv Sinha is a Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences, IIT Kanpur. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge. His research interests include Earth Surface dynamics, River science, Groundwater structure and dynamics, Fluvial sedimentology and stratigraphy, and Palaeoclimatic reconstructions. He was selected for the XVI Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica (Dec.’96-Mar’97) (1998). He is an elected fellow of the National Academy of Sciences (2016), and was elected fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences in 2021.

Rajiv Sinha

Symposium on “Green Energy”

Hydrogeomorphology and Sediment Dynamics of Floods

Floods are often considered a simple hydrological phenomenon caused by the overtopping of excess river water during high flows. The fact that the flood intensity and extent vary significantly along any river testifies that reach-scale hydrogeomorphology plays an important role in flooding. The geomorphic controls on floods have become even more relevant in the context of the Anthropocene, which is marked by significant changes in catchment characteristics, land use/land cover, sediment dynamics, and the hydro-morphology of rivers caused by human interventions. This talk will highlight the importance of integrating geomorphic processes such as river dynamics, floodplain topography, and sediment dynamics caused by natural and anthropogenic processes in flood risk assessment. Drawing examples from rivers in different geomorphic settings across India, the talk will demonstrate modern tools and techniques for process-based hydrogeomorphic modelling of floods.

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